Các bài báo quốc tế năm 2020

31 tháng 5, 2021

 Các bài báo, ấn phẩm, báo cáo khoa học năm 2020

STT Tên bài báo, ấn phẩm, báo cáo khoa học Tên tác giả Tên tạp chí, kỷ yếu Trang Năm công bố Link bài
1 Vertical distribution and production of fine roots in an old-growth forest, Japan Tran Van Do, The Doi Bui Journal Of Forest Science 89-96 2020 Link liên kết
2 The impact of payment for forest environmental services (PFES) on community-level forest management in Vietnam Ngoc T.B.Duong, Wouter T.De Groot Forest Policy and Economics 102135 2020 Link liên kết
3 Classification Methods for Mapping Mangrove Extents and Drivers of Change in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam during 2005-2018 Hai-Hoa Nguyen, Nghia Huu Nghia, Hien Thi Thu Nguyen, An Thanh Le, Lan Thi Ngoc Tran, Linh Vo Khanh Duong, Simone Bohm, Michael J Furniss Forest and Society 225-242 2020 Link liên kết
4 Monitoring Changes in Coastal Mangrove Extents Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data in Selected Communes, Hai Phong City, Vietnam Hai-Hoa Nguyen, Lan Thi Ngoc Tran, An Thanh Le, Nghia Huu Nghia, Linh Vo Khanh Duong, Hien Thi Thu Nguyen, Simone Bohm, Charles Finny Sathya Premnath Forest and Society 256-270 2020 Link liên kết
5 Optimize Print Speed and Laser Power of the 3D Printing Technology Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) for Mixture of Powder Materials Green Bean and Polylactic Acid (GBP/PLA) Ba Bach Dinh, Yanling Guo, Tat Thang Nguyen, Nho Tho Tran IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering   2020 Link liên kết
6 Luminescent carbon quantum dots/nanofibrillated cellulose composite Zihui Song, Xueqi Chen a, Xinchao Gong, Xing Gao, Qian Dai, Tat Thang Nguyen,Minghui Guo Optical Materials 109642 2020 Link liên kết
7 A novel nano-fibriform C- modified niobium pentoxide by using cellulose templates with highly visible-light photocatalytic performance Qian Dai, Bingnan Yuan, Minghui Guo, Kun Zhang, Xueqi Chen, Zihui Song, Tat Thang Nguyen, Xiaojing Wang, Shudong Lind, Jincheng Fan, Yingchun Li, Hu Liug, Zhanhu Guo Ceramics International 13210-13218 2020 Link liên kết
8 Carbon quantum dots promote charge transfer of Ce0.7Zr0.3O2@Bi2MoO6 heterojunction for efficient photodegradation of RhB in visible region Xing Gao, Wenxin Du, Xinchao Gong, Tat Thang Nguyen, Xueqi Chen, Zihui Song, Minghui Guo Optical Materials 109828 2020 Link liên kết
9 Templates with highly visible-light photocatalytic performance Xueqi Chen, Zihui Song, Shaopeng Li, Nguyen Tat Thang, Xing Gao, Xinchao Gong, Minghui Green Chemistry 3296-3308 2020 Link liên kết
10 Radial variation in cell morphology of ten-year-old Melia azedarach trees planted in northern Vietnam Doan Van Duong, Laurence Schimleck, Tai Tien Dinh, Chu Van Tran. Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología 01-Oct 2020 Link liên kết

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