International study exchange programs

25 tháng 3, 2021


Welcome to Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF).

Our slogan is: "Friendliness, intellect, integration and development".

VNUF is the leading center for training, scientific research and technology transfer in Vietnam in forestry, forest product processing, rural development, natural resources and environment management, natural disaster prevention and mitigation, and landscape architecture. We provide high-quality human resources, which have a decisive influence on the forestry sector, contributing to the sustainable development of our country.

VNUF offers a wide range of majors in Forestry, Rural Development, Natural Recourse, Wood processing, Economic, Business, Social forestry. The University currently hosts 7.000 students, of which hundreds of international students come from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia, who learn to lead and serve not only through a strong academic curriculum but also by participating in various extracurricular activities, from atheistic to community service.

By joining us, you can study in a friendly, international environment in harmony with nature. With an area of more than 150 hectares at the main campus in Hanoi, over 800 hectares at the Dong Nai campus, and over 100 hectares at the Central Highland's campus, VNUF is recognized as one of the most beautiful universities in Vietnam. Our university is not just a beautiful place, VNUF has many upgraded classrooms, stages and laboratories. VNUF provides a safe and comfortable living and studying environment for students.

VNUF is committed to research, discovery, creativity, and vigorous intellectual exchange. The diversification of excellence across all of our disciplinary areas is considered a priority. VNUF is aiming to achieve international recognition in a wide range of areas and to be a center for excellence in education with strong linkages with the environment protection and climate change sectors.


 How to apply? 

       Major registration of international exchange programs

No Programs Semesters Deadline for application  Regime Note
1 Advance Program of Natural Resources Management (Undergraduate) - Term 1: September (Start).
- Term 2: January  (Start).
Term 1:  June 30th.
Term 2: October 31st (the year before opening year)
- Scholarship for each academic year.
- Participate in other exchange programs
Find more information: Please click here
2 International Master Course in Tropical Forestry Program (Postgraduate) - Term 1: April 4 (Interview/examination), May (Start).
- Term 2: October (Interview/examination), November (Start). 
- Term 1: January 31st
- Term 2: August 31st
- Scholarship for each academic year.
- Participate in other exchange programs.
Find more information: Please click here
3 The exchange program collaborates with other partners - Term 1- September (Start)
- Term 2 - January  (Start) 
- Term 1: June 30th
- Term 2: October 31st
Free tuition expense. the extracurricular program, Fieldtrip.
Meals and Accommodation expenses (by self)
4 Internships





       Basis requirement documents include:

     -  Application form.

     -  Notarized copy of university degree and academic transcript.

     -  Certificate of recognition for certificates from foreign institutions by the Ministry of Education and Training
    (if any).

     -  Health certificate of the hospital within 6 months.

     -  A notarized copy of the foreign language certificate (if any).

     - Curriculum vitae.

     - Documentation of work experience (if any).

    - COVID Insurance.


    1. Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Sam

    Director of International Cooperation Department (ICD)

    Tel: +84-977-326-427



    2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Xuan Phuong

    Vice Director of ICD – In charge of Exchange Programs

    Tel. +84- -913-575-309


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